Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ladies with fruit

For my idea I wanted to do something with a variety of ladies and fruit. I wanted to make something nice and elegant since im not really used to doing portraits that aren't humorous in some way. So I have 5 images already and need to do 1 more 2 if possible because I know only 6 are due. I have used strawberries, grapes, nectarine, starfruit and a kiwi. I want to do 2 more, raspberries and a pear. I want to give this sense of natural beauty with natural surroundings so all these images are taken in the grass laying down.


  1. this idea sounds so pleasing to me! I'm really interested to see the outcome. Are all of these going to be just neck up shots? or some full body including the fruit? also dragon fruit looks really awesome! especially if you cut it out and make shapes out of it.

  2. I will pose the obvious observation of the relationship of fruit to women and role of the female in the reproductive cycle.

    How are your images going to address this relationship? I will post one of my favorite paintings of Gauguin. But with that said I would look towards the history of painting in regards to this subject.