Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panoramic view

ok so my idea is to do panoramic photographs and have a figure somewhere in the picture not sure yet how im gonna do it i did start taking pictures but im not completely thrilled how they came out so i will shoot some more and see how i can play around with it. im gonna take 3 pictures that can stand alone but make a panoramic picture at the same time which this is the hard part, that is what im figuring out still how to take 3 and make them come together but still have them strong enough to stand alone. the first set of pictures i took was having the figure in 2 of the pictures, the 3 one is empty with just a jacket, another the figure walking away and the middle one looking at the one leaving. i will post the pictures i took later on.


  1. I think I understand what you're trying to do process-wise, but I don't really understand what your concept is with all of this. Could you elaborate more on what you'll be shooting exactly? I think the panoramic format will work well with the medium, just make sure that the images make sense for it.

  2. I personally wouldn't worry too much about making the images stand well on their own--if it's a panorama, I would concentrate on the big picture (so to speak) and just make sure each frame utilizes the space it takes up in a significant and necessary way. This can be really interesting though, I like the idea of using the series as one big piece and not cut into individual slices.